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Demand-Side Management

EUC Contractor, Demand-Side Management
We’ve been designing, implementing, and operating energy efficiency programs for 30 years. We excel at program management, and are successful in administration, subcontracting, implementation of rebate and incentive programs, operations management, strategic communications, training, and engagement.

Clients include:

Regional Energy Networks, California Energy Commission, PG&E, SoCalGas®, SMUD, Intuit, Applied Energy Group, and Stopwaste.org.

Building Research and Energy Consulting

DEG Projects - Cottle Net Zero Energy Home
For more than three decades, our engineering focused staff have provided professional services in the energy space with a strong focus on Zero Net Energy. Frontier Energy’s building research focuses on sustainability consulting and programs; building, HVAC and water heating research; technology assessment and standards development; measurement and evaluation; and energy efficiency program support.

Clients include:

PG&E, SoCalGas, Southern California Edison, Lennar Corp, Walmart, U.S. DOE, and the California Energy Commission.

Commercial Foodservice

Commercial Foodservice
Frontier Energy operates the PG&E Food Service Technology Center and has provided programs for utilities, equipment manufacturers, and food service operators for 30 years. We perform equipment testing and verification, conduct energy audits, develop codes and standards, provide technical expertise, design consults, energy efficiency, education and outreach, assist with deployment and adoption, and develop comprehensive incentive programs.

Clients include:

PG&E, SoCalGas, Southern California Edison, SDG&E, California Energy Commission, and foodservice equipment manufacturers.

Transportation and Power

Hydrogen Energy Storage Use Case
Bringing new technologies to market requires careful coordination among many stakeholders. For alternative transportation and advanced energy supply and storage, Frontier Energy identifies and engages stakeholders to overcome barriers and facilitate deployment of zero-emission and autonomous vehicles, carbon sequestration, and renewable energy.

Clients include:

Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, and other major automakers, California Energy Commission, California Air Resources Board, U.S. DOE, National Labs, EPRI, and South Coast AQMD.