Building Developers/Operators

Frontier Energy helps developers, institutions, planners, and others achieve energy and water savings in the built environment energy savings from a single CHP system to community-wide ZNE to whole-building electrification. Our team of engineers and architects works with new construction, retrofitting, and recommissioning to save costs as well as energy.


Cayuga Milk Ingredients, New York

Cayuga Milk Ingredients

Annual energy savings from the upgrades total 6,638,597 kWh and 98,962 MMBtu, and Frontier estimated $923,544 in annual cost savings.

Working with NYSERDA’s Industrial and Process Efficiency-Existing Facilities program, Frontier Energy calculated the dairy’s energy savings. We used EMCs that Cayuga developed and incorporated into the new facility process design and reviewed the measurement and verification plan. We inspected the facility after construction to ensure upgrades and ECMs were installed as designed, and then produced a report detailing the process. Once the facility started operating, the Frontier team helped Cayuga execute the M&V plan.

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CA Ventures, Habitat for Humanity, Houweling's Tomatoes, Red Frog Beach Resort - Panama, RAD Urban, TRITEC of Minnesota, Wesleyan University

Zero Net Energy

Frontier Energy was one of the 10 companies in the nation to pioneer ZNE concepts and designs in the ACT2, Zero Net Energy Homes, and Building America Programs. During Building America, we worked with Mutual Housing to build the first affordable multifamily ZNE project in the world. That was a springboard to working with single-family, multifamily, and entire communities to optimize PV production, recommend strategies to reduce energy and water use, and conduct economic analyses to enable ZNE and near-ZNE construction.

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Energy Monitoring

Station Operational Status System on smartphone in car

Does the reality of new energy systems live up to the promise? Frontier Energy’s advanced data analytics help businesses separate fact from hype. We collect and analyze hourly performance data for distributed energy systems, smart homes, hydrogen fuel stations, and new energy technologies and present results in graphic dashboards to quickly see performance data, emissions measurements, and operational and reliability data.

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Thermography and Leak Detection

Air leaks, thermal defects, and plugged steam traps are often invisible, yet consume valuable energy and water. Frontier Energy’s Energy Insight team uses sophisticated thermal imaging technology to identify problems with insulation, holes in membranes, and other hidden trouble spots where heat loss, compromised insulation, or air leaks are wasting energy and costing your company money. Sophisticated imaging also allows us to identify damaged, dirty, or sticky steam traps to improve boiler efficiency. We help you lower costs by putting energy to work inside the building instead of losing it to the atmosphere.

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Energy Audits

Ethanol plant

We audit commercial, institutional, industrial, and foodservice facilities to quantify energy use of existing systems and equipment, and then identify the potentials for lowering energy costs and improving system performance. We complete energy studies at ASHRAE Level I, II, or III depending on our client’s needs. We often support assessments with short-term monitoring of equipment power or runtime to establish baselines so we can more accurately estimate potential savings from energy efficiency upgrades.

We are skilled at identifying and implementing cost-effective improvements and finding rebates and funding. Our team has substantial experience in understanding and applying complex utility bill tariffs and sales tax exemptions to achieve the greatest savings in energy efficiency measures.

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Feasibility Studies

Distributed Generation & Combined Heat & Power - CHP site

Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or retrofitting existing kitchens, our efficiency experts can help optimize the design to consistently prepare great food while using as little electricity, natural gas, and water as possible. We also keep the comfort of your staff and customers in mind by paying attention to ventilation that reduces heat and improves indoor air quality. produce the best, consistent food. From a small café to a nationwide chain, we’re ready to help.

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Sales Tax Exemptions

About 30 U.S. states allow businesses to qualify for exemptions from sales tax on natural gas and/or electricity. Frontier Energy’s Energy Insight has performed hundreds of predominate use studies—an engineering report that analyzes energy consumption by equipment type, process, and hours of operation at each meter at the facility. We’ve helped companies save thousands of dollars every year and get refunds for taxes already paid.

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Building Decarbonization

CenterPoint Energy - Natural Gas Energy Analysis

Cities across the U.S. are enacting policies and codes to reduce onsite fossil fuel burning in space and water heating and cooking. Some propose to eliminate natural gas from new construction, others are focused on updating residential and commercial appliances with more-efficient models. Frontier Energy brings an objective, fuel-neutral approach to working with new and existing building owners and operators. Our thorough energy modeling, financial analysis, and our own appliance database, we equip you with the data needed to meet local targets and requirements and develop comfortable, livable buildings.

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