Our toolbox of services, products, and expertise turn energy efficiency and alternative fuels into big business for companies of all sizes.


New American Road Trip

New American Road Trip

2,906-mile electric-vehicle tour from San Francisco to New York over 10 days

Frontier Energy partnered with Purpose for an electric-vehicle tour from California to New York over 10 days in September 2018 to highlight the stories of the people, cities and emerging technologies that are fulfilling America’s Pledge on climate change, creating jobs and economic prosperity while reducing climate pollution and ensuring our country’s clean energy future.

Our Clients

FuelCell Energy, Lennar Homes, McDonald’s, Purpose, Sunrise Power Solutions, Starbucks, Toyota

Food Service

Commercial Foodservice

Restaurants use 5-to-7 times more energy than other businesses. We’re changing that. At our lab—the most-respected in the world—our technicians test equipment to ENERGY STAR® standards. In the field, our engineers recommend lighting, ventilation, water heating, HVACHeating, ventilation and air conditioning and cooking equipment that reduces energy use and makes an awesome burger, pizza, or caramel macchiato.

System Monitoring & Analytics

Data collection and analysis

Does the reality of new energy systems live up to the promise? Frontier Energy’s advanced data analytics help businesses separate fact from hype. We collect and analyze hourly performance data for distributed energy systems, smart homes, hydrogen fuel stations, and new energy technology and present results in graphic dashboards to quickly see performance data, emissions measurements, and operational and reliability data.

Zero Net Energy

UC Davis West Village Square -Vantage Point Photography

Building…campus…community. We are the gurus of zero net energy. Our engineers developed models for zero-carbon communities across the country, designed systems to minimize energy in houses and apartments, and has led energy engineering of award-winning projects. We help builders, architects, and construction companies design and build super-efficient homes, multifamily dwellings, and commercial buildings that are comfortable and cost-effective.

Outreach & Education

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle and hydrogen stations outreach and education

Developing ongoing, loyal relationships with consumers, trade allies, contractors, and stakeholders takes creativity and hard work. We go deeper—and are braver—with innovative campaigns, multilingual outreach, integrated social media, and subject matter expertise. We specialize in building grassroots support for new technologies and innovative ideas.

Energy Audits & Feasibility Studies

Carina at Halfmoon solar farm

Our assessments serve as industry touchstones. Frontier Energy earned a reputation helping commercial, institutional, industrial, and agricultural facilities lower energy costs and improve efficiency, often at no or low cost. We make data-driven recommendations that consider what you’re doing today and what you—and your utility—plan to do tomorrow.