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P3 features

P3 is a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform for managing all your energy efficiency and load management programs from a single solution. Whether you have a straightforward residential rebate offering or a complex commercial new construction program, P3 streamlines participation, management, reporting, and evaluation for your entire portfolio. And every P3 deployment includes access to the Deemed Savings Engine.

Here’s how it works:

  • You provide the details of your program: total funding, eligible measures, participation requirements, information required for the rebate, etc.
  • As users interact with your program, all information feeds into your P3 dashboard.
  • In the system, you review information and take action: approve, deny, ask for more information—whatever workflow you’ve determined for this program.
  • P3 sends automated notifications to participants and program management with status updates.
  • The dashboard provides a quick analytics overview, and the reporting tool lets you create as many report types as you’d like.

P3 will work for any electric, gas, or water utility in the U.S., and is also a perfect solution for CCEs and local governments that implement energy efficiency or load management programs.

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Deemed Savings Engine

Deemed Savings Engine illustration

Frontier Energy’s proprietary solution centrally manages and facilitates deemed savings calculations and installation requirements based on the latest version of the Technical Reference Manual or other governing standards. DSE has a standard API and can seamlessly integrate with a utility or government’s own tracking system.

DSE has three time- and money-saving advantages:

  1. The central database eliminates the need to update multiple tracking systems as TRMs and standards evolve
  2. DSE is scalable and allows your programs to quickly adapt to new regulatory and reporting requirements.
  3. Utilities that are governed by the same set of standards can collaboratively leverage DSE to facilitate those standards. This approach directly promotes consistency and accuracy across the collaborating utilities’ programs, while drastically reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

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Custom Programming

Custom programming by Frontier Energy

Frontier Energy’s team of programmers and application developers have earned their street cred. We don’t just build the app that you think you need today, we build what you need tomorrow as well.

We have a team of experts that program in .ASP, .NET, LAMP, Drupal, Java, Python, PHP, and the whole family of C. Our staff includes graphic designers that know user interface design and accessibility standards. We also work in data security.

We can’t show you most of our work because, well, it’s custom programming. One that we can show off is the Station Operational Status System.

Energy Systems Performance

We are expert at distilling large data sets into useful information that clients can access through the cloud. Because we quickly analyze the data, web pages often include project-specific tables and graphics with high-level calculations that summarize equipment efficiencies, economics, or greenhouse gas savings. We provide great data to make sure our clients have what they need to make great decisions.

For example, we operate an economic dispatch system that collects performance and load data from a facility and gathers hourly pricing data from the local utility. We use that information to recommend how the facility should operate their CHP systems in the coming hour to save the most energy (and cost).

Data Collection and Analytics

Field Monitoring

Every night, our team collects and processes data from hundreds of energy systems—solar arrays in New York, CHP systems in Massachusetts, Doosan fuel cells around the world. We analyze the data and distill large datasets into useful information that our clients use to understand the performance; quantify energy savings, cost savings, or greenhouse gas impacts; or prove performance.

We also conduct field monitoring to measure actual performance of buildings, systems, vehicles, and equipment. Our team installs and integrates meters, sensors, and data acquisition equipment that works with an existing or a custom data acquisition system.

We are an approved third-party data collection contractor in California’s SGIP, a Qualified Reporting Entity for the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System, and a Qualified Independent Party for the NYGATS.

Website Development

Website Development

Frontier Energy’s graphic designers, content developers, and programmers develop websites, intranets, and web-based applications. We work in Drupal, WordPress, Javascript, DreamWeaver, and CSS and employ the latest trends and tools in UX, responsiveness, and interaction. We developed this site, including all the original illustrations. We also developed, The Energy Network (, and

Cloud-based Data Reporting

Cloud-based data reporting

Frontier Energy developed and operates the NYSERDA DG Integrated Data System website that presents hourly-performance data for more than 200 CHP, ADG, photovoltaic/solar and other renewable projects. We run similar web sites for more than 60 CHP systems in Massachusetts and for Doosan’s global fleet of 90 fuel cells.

SOSS collects data from hydrogen stations around the world and stores it in a secure cloud. We push the data out to subscribing applications, including the Hydrogen Station Map we created and run for the California Fuel Cell Partnership.

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