We work with federal, state, and local government to support energy efficiency, advanced transportation and mobility, and carbon reduction initiatives.


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A Whole Stack Approach for Data-Driven Assessments

Frontier Energy is unrivaled in data collection and performance reporting for emerging clean energy technologies. We specialize in using proven data quality assurance methods to collect high-quality, highly curated data sets for unique or emerging technology deployments.

During the last 25 years, our expert staff honed their data collection, handling, validation, and analysis skills and methodologies. The team provides accurate, high-quality research data with a transparent quality assurance path. We support it with rigorous field documentation that results in clear, defensible findings supported by the collected data.

Our flexible process facilitates both individual project and program-level data collection and provides top-tier quality assurance whether we are the data collection agent, primary technology analyst, or full stack data solution provider.

Unique or emerging technology deployment differs over time, our process remains consistent. Frontier assures the quality of the performance data we use through the entire data stack and engineering analysis process—from raw measurement to the final report.

We design and implement performance monitoring campaigns with the customer’s end goal in mind. Contact us to discuss how we could apply this process to your project—and answer your questions with confidence.

Our Clients

BayREN, California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority, NYSERDA, North Central Texas Council of Governments, Ventury County, City of Sacramento, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

Regional Energy Networks

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RENs are collaborations of regional governments that jointly propose and administer energy efficiency programs that build upon lessons learned during the 2012 ARRA funding initiatives. Our team helped the first two RENs get started and navigate the bumps in the road. Then we provided technical and regulatory guidance to transition from an ARRA-funded test to multimillion-dollar programs across California. Now we support other regional governments form RENs, and design and implement successful EE programs for BayREN and SoCalREN.

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Vehicle Electrification

Electric vehicle

To EV or not to EV? That is the question for many state and local agencies. Electric vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells are coming and we’re helping states and cities figure out what they need to do to be ready—and when they need to do it. From preparing fleet and transit agency transition plans to estimating the amount of solar and storage to offset demand charges to writing local reach codes, Frontier Energy and our expert partners are the only team that takes a fuel-neutral approach to electrification.

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Energy Data Systems

Station Operational Status System on smartphone in car

Does the reality of new energy systems live up to the promise? Frontier Energy’s advanced data analytics help governments separate fact from hype. We collect and analyze hourly performance data for distributed energy systems like CHPCombined Heat and Power, ADGAnaerobic Digester Gas, solar and biogas projects and present results in graphic dashboards so stakeholders can quickly see performance data, emissions measurements, and operational and reliability data.

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Income Qualified

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People living below the poverty line have a higher energy burden, sometimes paying more than half their income for energy. Green Banks mobilize private funding to help low-income residents finance loans for energy efficiency projects and clean transportation, and Frontier Energy helps Green Banks reach their audience and close the gap between the energy-haves and have-nots.

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Codes & Standards

Codes and Standards - Frontier Energy - CEC-400-2018-020-CMF-1 cover

Always evolving, always changing codes and standards provide a common language for design, construction, operation, and safety. It is a complex language that Frontier Energy speaks for buildings, equipment, and alternative fuels. Our staff helps write technology-neutral codes and teaches professionals to correctly apply the codes.

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Outreach and Engagement

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle and hydrogen stations outreach and education

Creating awareness or getting public and stakeholder input takes creativity and hard work. Blasting out an email about a workshop or hosting a town hall is not enough anymore. The Frontier Energy team knows how to reach relevant audiences and keep them engaged. We go deeper—and are braver—with innovative technology, multilingual outreach, superb customer service, and providing expert resources.

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