Building Research and Energy Consulting

We engineer buildings that are energy efficient, sustainable, and healthy.

At Frontier Energy, we see buildings as living organisms that function systematically to meet occupants’ needs for comfort. Our experts incorporate state-of-the-art sustainability and energy efficiency measures into buildings to optimize performance and reduce construction costs for projects ranging from single and multifamily homes to commercial and mixed-use developments.


Codes and Standards

Hot Water and HVAC Systems

Zero Net Energy

Evaluation and Monitoring

Community-scale Energy Projects

Design Consulting

Zero Net Energy Projects

Recent Projects

ZNE and ultra-efficient buildings are good for the bottom line of builders, occupants, and the environment, but require ingenuity in design and construction. Take a look at a few innovations we’ve helped clients achieve by venturing new ideas that often yield big results.

Meet Our Team

Frontier Energy helps our clients connect the dots between programs. No bureaucratic sinkholes. No information silos. No dime-a-dozen ideas or inflexible molds. Just personal service from a team of people dedicated to you and your project.

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