The energy ecosystem is changing fast. Frontier Energy can help you harness the opportunities that are here today…and help you be ready for tomorrow.

Frontier Energy works with utilities, governments, and industry to design, evaluate, implement, and execute successful programs for energy efficiency, water conservation, and renewable energy development. We supercharge your investments in residential, commercial, and multifamily efficiency programs.


Community Choice Energy

Utility Demand-side Management

Community Engagement

Local Governments

Engineering and Modeling

Deemed Savings

Quality Assurance and Verification

Energy Assessments


Decarbonization is driving innovation at an amazing rate. We have the experience to know when to hit the throttle and when to coast a bit. Take a look at a few of the innovations we’ve helped clients achieve by venturing new ideas that often yield big results.


Frontier Energy helps our clients connect the dots between programs. No bureaucratic sinkholes. No information silos. No dime-a-dozen ideas or inflexible molds. Just personal service from a team of people dedicated to you and your project.

Frontier Energy Community

What we do for our clients

  • Design, implement, and manage programs for single family, multifamily, and commercial buildings—and market those programs like crazy
  • Pick up the phone when you call and answer your emails
  • Respect the data, but listen to our gut (and to yours)
  • Harness today’s opportunities to help you be ready for tomorrow
  • Take risk so you don’t have to

What we do for our clients' customers

  • Help them save (or make) money
  • Help them be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Answer their questions—truthfully and correctly
  • Show them resources they didn’t know existed
  • Understand the landscape of their community
  • Give them confidence and satisfaction in a job done quickly.