Restaurants use 5-to-7 times more energy than other businesses. We can change that.

Frontier Energy knows that commercial foodservice is built on a web of relationships. We’ve developed a toolbox of offerings, services, and expertise that can work for your business, whether you’re a utility company or a coffee shop. 


Lab and Field Testing

Efficiency Programs for Utilities


Design Consulting


Frontier Energy helps our clients connect the dots between programs, helping you leverage strengths, relationships, and data. No massive call centers. No information silos. No cookie cutter ideas or inflexible molds. Just personal service from a team of people dedicated to you and your project.

Frontier Energy Community

What we do for our clients

  • Design, implement, and manage programs for restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals, and other commercial foodservice facilities—and market those programs like crazy
  • Identify barriers and propose solutions based on deep knowledge and experience
  • Pick up the phone when you call and answer your emails
  • Build partnerships that cross barriers and break down silos
  • Generate professional, unbiased data and turn the data into useful information

What we do for our clients' customers

  • Help them be profitable
  • Answer their questions—truthfully and correctly
  • Show them options they didn’t know existed
  • Understand the landscape of their industry and community
  • Give dealers and distributors the tools they need to be successful
  • Provide training when and where they need it