Manufacturers and Implementors

Frontier Energy evaluates, tests, and implements equipment and components at all stages of development. We validate ideas and test theories in the lab, and then help move products into the real-world. Our team also develops market studies, technology roadmaps and blueprints, and designs and implements market research and outreach programs that deliver results.




With a budget of approximately $60 million, the 90-member WESTCARB collaborative conducted studies and field projects to estimate the regional capacity for storing CO2 in geologic formations and in forest biomass.

Frontier Energy was the lead contractor for the California Energy Commission’s West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (WESTCARB) project. Frontier co-managed a study of applying carbon capture and storage to natural gas power plants in California and led WESTCARB’s public outreach and education activities.

Our Clients

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Cogen Power Technologies, Doosan, Ecolab, Electric Power Research Institute, Hobart, Toyota, WESTCARB

DER and Energy Storage

NYSERDA Distributed Generation (DG) Integrated Data System website

The Frontier team works with industry clients to collect detailed, field-monitored data from installed distributed energy systems. Frontier maintains cloud-based data dashboards for daily—or hourly—performance so that appropriate parties can participate in incentive programs like NYGATS, WRIGIS, NYSERDA programs, California SGIP, Massachusetts APS, PTS, and CPS credits, ISO-New England FCM reporting, and Connecticut Microgrid Program. Utility and government clients also use this objective information to make decisions about future deployments for promising technologies.

Case Studies

Power Generation

WESTCARB research

For more than 30 years, Frontier Energy has worked with power industry researchers to improve the safety, efficiency, operating flexibility, and environmental performance of fossil fuel and renewable power plants. Most notably, we’ve supported major initiatives of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in technology development roadmapping, advanced power plant cost and performance characterization, emissions control (for criteria pollutants, trace substances, and CO2), and technology demonstration. We continue to provide “state of technology” synopses for power generation and energy storage technologies and to organize tours of innovative power plants to help EPRI members stay abreast of technology advances.

Case Studies

Commercial Appliances

For more than 30 years, our independent, fuel-neutral, ISO-accredited facility has tested commercial food service equipment from small counter-top coffee makers to large roll-in rack ovens. The lab generates unbiased third-party data under tightly controlled conditions which utilities use for rebate and incentive schedules and manufacturers use for ENERGY STAR certification and compliance with state and federal codes and standards.

The Commercial Kitchen Ventilation lab is a custom-built environmental chamber designed to test commercial kitchen exhaust hoods and makeup air systems. We use schlieren and shadowgraph visualization tools to precisely monitor and control airflow for hood performance and capture and containment. The room is also a calorimeter where our team measures the heat an appliance—or a cook line—radiates to the surrounding space.

Case Studies

Water and Space Heating

plastic pipe for radiant heating and cooling systems

Cities across the U.S. are looking to space and water heating as a key to decarbonizing buildings. It requires, however, a broader examination of available and emerging technologies, consumer preferences, and economic impacts. Working with a variety of partners, Frontier’s heating experts evaluate multiple promising technologies in the lab and in the real-world to help equipment manufacturers understand product viability before making irreversible investment decisions.

Case Studies

ZEVs and Alternative Fuels

Honda Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle and hydrogen fueling station

Since the 1980s, our team has worked with automakers and infrastructure providers to commercialize battery and fuel cell electric vehicles and charging stations. Staff provide objective expertise to codes, standards, and regulation development, first responder and AHJ training, and infrastructure planning. We also develop and implement award-winning consumer engagement campaigns and run successful ride and drives.

Case Studies