EV Education for Non-residential Customers

EV Education for Non-residential Customers image

Frontier offers virtual and in-person classes and workshops for property owners and fleet managers to help understand the “secret language” of EVs. Each class can be customized to include local incentives, practices, and calls to action. Our classes include:

  • Fleet Electrification: a 45-minute presentation for fleet managers that prepares them to collect the data they need so they can plan the transition to EVs and charging stations.
  • Workplace and Multifamily Charging: a 50-minute presentation about types of charging stations, how to site charging stations in parking lots, capital and operating expense estimates, and “what-if” situations. This presentation includes up to 15 minutes of Q&A, and we encourage a utility representative to speak about utility rates.
• Utility
• Local government
• Clean Cities Coalitions

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