Commercial FoodserviceCOMMERCIAL FOODSERVICE: Programs

Lab and Field Testing

For 30 years, the Frontier Energy team has operated the Food Service Technology Center, the most-respected lab for performance testing commercial kitchen equipment. We extended the lab to test commercial kitchen ventilation, building HVAC systems and to include ASHRAE refrigeration test standard method development.

The lab is fully instrumented and ISO 17025 accredited. Our engineers and technicians have overseen the development and maintenance of more than 40 ASTM test methods that form the basis for programs that drive higher energy performance.

To have your equipment tested in our lab or become a utility partner in the lab, please contact David Zabrowski.

Efficiency Programs for Utilities

We work directly with electric, gas, and water utilities to design and operate efficiency programs for commercial foodservice. We’ve learned that to achieve long-term savings and creating lasting change, successful programs include a suite of services that target many entities—equipment manufacturers, designers, the sales channel, property owners, and operators.

Our program for PG&E includes establishing incentives, testing equipment eligibility, conducting on-site energy assessments, providing education and training, conducting marketing outreach, and consulting with designers and architects. We also work with utility clients to process rebates, administer financing programs, and design zero net energy mechanical systems.

Contact Frontier Energy to talk about starting or revamping a commercial foodservice program.

Design Consulting

We work with architects and foodservice designers to identify equipment, design strategies, and incentives that can create the most efficient commercial kitchen for the least cost. Whether you’re remodeling a coffee shop, adding a food court to a commercial building, or building a school or hospital, our team can help.

Appliance/Equipment Specification We’ll review your plans and analyze your appliance/equipment specifications and determine if more energy-efficient alternatives will help the facility’s bottom line. Our recommendations come with a lifecycle cost analysis to show why it’s a better choice for your client and a list of utility rebates and incentives to help offset the cost.

Facility Design Review, and Analysis When designing a new facility or doing an extensive remodel, we analyze all the systems: lighting, exhaust ventilation, water heating, and HVAC systems. We provide a report of recommendations that includes the energy savings potential, incentives, and rebates.

ZNE Consulting For new construction, our consulting team can help you design a zero-net energy building. A combination of structural design, super-efficient mechanical systems, lighting, appliances, and energy generation can result in a building that makes more electricity than it uses.

To schedule a design consultation, please contact Todd Bell.


Food and energy waste costs the commercial foodservice industry billions of dollars annually. To help stem the loss, Frontier Energy created Fe3, a one-of-a-kind elearning system that teaches foodservice professionals to treat energy and water like other commodities. Six graphically-rich modules include specific learning objectives, post-tests, videos, web links, and gamification.

Our team also provides seminars and webinars about energy- and water-saving practices, equipment specification, commercial kitchen ventilation, and ways to “green” a restaurant for utility or manufacturer customer service reps and equipment dealers. We also provide hands-on training by chefs for chefs to prove that energy efficient equipment cooks delicious food.

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