Transportation and Power: PROGRAMS


Technical, Economic, and Market Assessments


Our assessments serve as industry touchstones. Frontier Energy has earned a reputation for providing impartial reports that help government and industry make informed decisions, or serve as catalysts for regulatory decisions, and legislation introduction and passage. Our teams have evaluated a wide range of new and emerging technologies related to buildings, indoor environments, utility-scale power, distributed energy systems, and advanced transportation. We have broad experience evaluating the technical and economic impact, and evaluate the potential of emerging technologies.

We provide:

•  Power plant design guides

•  Technology status and economic reports

•  Emerging technology evaluations

•  Modeling and simulations

•  Roadmaps and action plans

•  Market research

•  Business plans

Marketing and Outreach

Our approach to marketing and outreach builds understanding and even excitement for new technologies and products. We develop goal-based strategies with specific messages to target audiences. Examples include: – a website of information for U.S. states that getting started with hydrogen stations

How it Works — a booklet that describes technical concepts to an end-user audience

The Drought Tolerant Garden — a unique method of encouraging water conservation

Hands-on Events – ride and drives, station tours, and site visits so people can see and understand new technologies. See CaFCP event photos

Video Production – from quick how-to videos to full-production series

Social Media – Twitter, Instragram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts that we manage for several of our clients. @cafcp, @fishnick.fstc

Regulatory Affairs


Frontier Energy works closely with state and federal regulatory agencies for power and transportation. We regularly provide input about incentives, funding, and research, development, and deployment needs to or on behalf of our clients–including drafting congressional testimony. Our full-time legislative and regulatory staff advise clients about technical strategy and positioning regulatory frameworks and have supported blue-ribbon panels in California. Contact Keith Malone.

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

For more than 30 years, we’ve helped R&D organizations with strategic program planning, collaborative team building, workflow coordination, and planning and facilitating meetings. Our team is adept at leading R&D progress assessment and industry-oriented technology review meetings, and uses the Technology of Participation structured facilitation method to help groups think, talk, and work together.

Contact Nico Bouwkamp to learn more about hosting facilitated meetings.

Software Development


Frontier Energy has an experienced in-house team to address client software development needs. For example, during the “beta test” stage of light-duty fuel cell vehicle introduction in California, Frontier Energy built a webpage to help drivers locate hydrogen fueling stations and their fuel supply and equipment status. Today, the Station Operational Status System sends near real-time operational data from every hydrogen station in the United States to our database, which then pushes data to subscribing applications on a host of platforms. We’re working to extend the service to Japan and Germany.

Read about our other Software Solutions.

Site Operation and Organization Management

We provide clients with turnkey or tailored facility management and operation, including all staffing and management of the California Fuel Cell Partnership and site operation of a U.S. EPA emissions testing lab in North Carolina. Our San Ramon office operates the Food Service Technology Center for PG&E. The Frontier Energy team provides staffing, operational support, facility management, and interfaces with end customers on behalf of the utility.

Frontier Energy also provides services to public-private partnerships. For ten years, we managed the West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership. WESTCARB was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, the California Energy Commission, and numerous industry partners.

Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies


We audit commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities to quantify energy use of existing systems and equipment, and then identify the potentials for lowering energy costs and improving system performance. We complete energy studies at ASHRAE Level I, II, or III depending on our client’s needs.

We are especially skilled at identifying and implementing low- and no-cost improvements, also known as retro-commissioning or controls tuning. And our team has substantial experience in understanding and applying complex utility bill tariffs when evaluating the impact of energy efficiency measures.

Our team often supports assessments with short-term monitoring of equipment power or runtime to establish baselines so we can more accurately estimate potential savings from energy efficiency upgrades.

Efficiency Performance Evaluation

Frontier Energy optimizes efficiency of central chiller and boiler plants by looking at low- and no-cost operational improvements and evaluating the potential of capital-intensive equipment changes when end-of-life considerations are necessary. We’ve investigated methods to reduce boiler fuel use, chiller energy, and central plant costs through absorption chilling technologies and other waste heat recovery uses. We examine the sequence of operations, fuel sources, and distribution system performance to optimize plant efficiency and cost effectiveness. We make data-driven evaluations and recommendations that consider the actual system loading and peak operation, and planning for future loads.

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