For almost 40 years, Frontier Energy’s team has developed solutions to meet the energy needs of tomorrow. From investor-owned and municipal utilities to community choice energy, we design, implement, and evaluate some of the most-successful programs in the country.


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OG&E and AOG Joint Weatherization Program

ACEEE “Exemplary Program” Award for Energy Efficiency Programs

Frontier Energy’s EnerTrek helped the Joint Weatherization Program win an ACEEEAmerican Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy “Exemplary Program” award. EnerTrek is an online database and modeling tool used to record contractor measure inputs for each home and calculates actual kW and kWh savings by measure. The OG&E and AOG Joint Weatherization Program used EnerTrek and home audit/inspections to determine the mix of cost-effective measures. The measures were implemented by contractors trained in home weatherization to achieve the savings.

Our Clients

PG&E, SMUD, Lancaster Choice Energy, CenterPoint Energy, San Diego Gas & Electric, Texas New Mexico Power, Sonoma Clean Power, AEP Texas, Xcel Energy, The Electric Company El Paso Electric

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

We don’t need to tell you that meeting EE goals is getting harder every year. The low-hanging fruit—like lighting—is nearly gone from the tree. Frontier Energy has a two-fold approach for meeting your efficiency and demand-reduction targets: 1) use proven methods in under-tapped market segments and 2) reduce time and costs by streamlining administration. Our team has been around the block—residential, commercial, low-income, multifamily, rentals—and we have mad skills when it comes to leading complex projects with lots of moving parts.

Engagement & Education

Engagement and Education

Developing ongoing, loyal relationships with consumers, trade allies, contractors, and stakeholders takes creativity and hard work. Posting a Facebook ad about your new rebate program or sending an email blast about an upcoming webinar is not enough anymore. We go deeper—and are braver—with innovative technology, multilingual outreach, superb customer service, and providing expert resources.


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Recent. Relevant. Comprehensive. That’s the knowledge you want in an engineer who estimates energy savings from new technology, designs building electrification projects, evaluates effectiveness of distributed energy systems, and develops new codes and standards. Frontier Energy’s full-time, multidisciplinary engineering staff bring decades of experience to every project—along with the desire to continuously push the envelope.


Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification

Frontier Energy’s team uses evaluation, measurement and verification to answer three burning questions: 1) Did the program deliver results? 2) How certain are savings of a new program? and 3) How can the program improve? Our advanced data acquisition and analytics create exciting opportunities in automated EM&V. We take pride in our reputation for technically rigorous EM&V that withstands independent review.


Software Development - P3

Managing multiple rebate and incentive programs should be as easy as ordering a pizza. That is the guiding principle of Frontier Energy’s software developers. Program Portfolio Portal is a customizable tool that streamlines participation, management, reporting, and evaluation for entire energy efficiency and load management portfolios. Request a demonstration today!

Community Choice Energy

Community Choice Energy

Community choice aggregation is a game-changer for communities and utilities. Frontier Energy helped establish the first CCAs and helps California’s utilities and CCAs adapt to changing regulations. Now other states have CCA legislation passed and on the horizon. Frontier Energy can help you make sense of this new opportunity to provide energy to consumers.