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About us

Frontier Energy is a new company with a long history. In 2016 and 2017, five companies came together to leverage strengths, relationships, and data to help reduce energy use, increase alternative transportation, and bring new ideas to life. We are fuel agnostic and work on projects involving electricity, hydrogen, biogas, and conventional fuels. We believe in a diverse energy future that includes conservation, efficiency, and new technologies.


Frontier Associates office

Austin, TX Office
Energy Efficiency, Building Research, Consulting, and Software Solutions
1515 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 110
Austin, TX 78746

Frontier Energy - Cazenovia, NY office

Cazenovia, NY Office
Building Research and Consulting
2695 Bingley Road
Cazenovia, NY 13035

Frontier Energy, Davis Office - Building Research and Consulting

Davis Office
Building Research and Consulting
123 C Street
Davis, CA 95616

Frontier Energy, Los Angeles Office - Energy Efficiency

Los Angeles Office
Energy Efficiency
600 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 500,
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Frontier Energy, Oakland Office - Power and Energy Efficiency

Oakland Office
Power and Energy Efficiency
1000 Broadway, Suite 410
Oakland, CA 94607

Frontier Energy, Sacramento Office - Transportation

Sacramento Office
3300 Industrial Blvd, Suite 1000,
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Frontier Energy, San Ramon Office - Commercial Foodservice

San Ramon Office
Commercial Foodservice
12949 Alcosta Blvd., Suite 101,
San Ramon, CA 94583

Frontier Energy office locations in California, Texas, and New York
Frontier Energy Community

For nearly 30 years, Frontier Energy has focused on the evolution of electric power systems. Most recently, we’ve focused on carbon abatement technologies, including carbon capture and storage. We’re also working with industry and government to evaluate the potentials of large-scale solar farms, CHP, hydrogen as energy storage, and distributed generation.

We also design, fabricate, install and operate data acquisition systems to monitor power system performance, which allows utilities, governments and other stakeholders to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of power generation projects.

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Frontier Energy provides staffing and business infrastructure for two programs that we operate on behalf of clients: Food Service Technology Center on behalf of PG&E and California Fuel Cell Partnership, a public-private partnership.

For each client, Frontier Energy maintains a showcase facility that hosts hundreds of visitors each year. Our staff also represent the clients at outreach and education events, support the clients’ goals and objectives, and provide transparent accounting and reporting.

CaFCP, founded in 1999, maintains a headquarters in West Sacramento, CA and a presence worldwide. FSTC has been operating for more than 30 years in San Ramon, CA and works with the commercial food service industry and companies across the U.S. Contact us to arrange a visit to either location and learn how we can represent your organization.

Frontier Energy has completed hundreds of consulting projects for residential and commercial buildings, commercial foodservice, power utilities, government agencies, and transportation clients. Our familiarity with emerging technologies and alternative solutions, and our expertise in water, energy and transportation provides our clients with depth and breadth of knowledge.

Frontier Energy's divisions consult with clients to perform:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Engineering and economic evaluations
  • New technology R&D and commercialization strategic planning
  • Best practices benchmarking
  • Energy modeling and performance optimization
  • Rate design and energy pricing
  • Contract negotiations and regulatory proceedings
  • Program design and evaluation
  • Custom software programming
  • Data collection and analysis

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Frontier Energy provides end-to-end programs for electric, gas and water utilities, as well as for state and local governments. We specialize in consolidating and streamlining implementation of energy efficiency programs, and our programs are easy for customers and contractors to use. We also have a reputation for rapid deployment of field and back-office support, including our acclaimed Deemed Savings Engine and P3 software.

Regional energy networks (RENs) and community choice energy (CCE) help local governments make a bigger impact in energy efficiency and emissions reduction in their own communities. Frontier Energy developed the REN concept and successfully manages one of the largest RENs in the United States.

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Our education and training is unsurpassed. Frontier Energy provides interactive e-learning, curriculum development, and webinars and seminars about a variety of energy and transportation topics.

Frontier Energy experts conduct training from classrooms in West Sacramento and San Ramon, travel to sites across the U.S., and lead online training. We help building professionals become LEED and HERC certified, provide resources about building codes to authorities having jurisdiction, and teach the commercial food service industry techniques to become more sustainable.

From social media to legislative outreach, Frontier Energy covers all aspects of marketing, outreach, and education. Our marketing and communication professionals conduct market research, develop strategic plans, and implement activities designed to generate interest and turn leads into sales. Our full-time programming staff build websites and web-based apps, such as the Hydrogen Station Map. Graphic designers develop logos and branding for new initiatives and new products. Our teams of creative thinkers have won awards and acclaim for innovative advertising campaigns.

Hands-on outreach is where we shine; meeting people and making connections in the neighborhoods where our clients’ customers live and work. Whether a community event to generate leads for home efficiency upgrades, an industry trade show to represent our client’s products, or a briefing with elected officials to explain the finer points of regulations, Frontier Energy staff are always polished and prepared.

Davis, California has been at the forefront of sustainable community development with Village Homes, a 70-acre subdivision built in the 1970s. Frontier Energy’s Davis Energy Group division provided expertise for hundreds of projects since this first development, with an emphasis on building design and materials to improve energy efficiency and use of alternative sewage and storm water management. Staff have lent their expertise as judges for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon competition.

Transportation is an important aspect of a sustainable community, and Frontier Energy is at the forefront of environmentally friendly advanced transportation. Working with plug-in and fuel cell electric vehicles, bus and rail transit, and autonomous vehicles, our staff provide insight and input about reducing use of traditional personal vehicles.

Frontier Energy is on the forefront of ZNE by leveraging decades of experience in California building codes with our cutting-edge solutions for building systems and building science. We identify sustainable technologies and strategies to help design single family and multi-family residences that create more energy than they use on an annual basis.

ZNE consulting services include:

  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Making design recommendations
  • Identifying electrical and mechanical systems
  • Developing and deploying advanced control and monitoring systems
  • Working with the building trades to install and maintain advanced systems.

Our Davis lab has also developed and patented products for insulation, heating, cooling, and water heating that are licensed and produced for use in ZNE and near-ZNE buildings across the country.

Across our business lines, Frontier Energy provides a host of technical services for our clients.

Demand Side Management Building Research and Energy Consulting Transportation and Power Commercial Food Service
Lab testing Lab testing Lab testing
Field deployment and demonstration Field deployment and demonstration Field deployment and demonstration Field deployment and demonstration
Technology assessment Technology assessment Technology assessment Technology assessment
Product development Product development
Market introduction Market introduction Market introduction Market introduction
Building energy monitoring
Energy modeling Energy modeling Energy modeling
Evaluation, measurement, and verification Evaluation, measurement, and verification Evaluation, measurement, and verification Evaluation, measurement, and verification
Design review Design review Design review
Software development Software development Software development Software development
Site surveys and audits Site surveys and audits Site surveys Site surveys and audits

Frontier Energy identifies requirements for developing incentives, supports regulatory programs, and identifies areas for potential government research, development, and deployment investments. Our in-depth reports about appliance energy efficiency and performance, results of power plant carbon reduction pilots, and market acceptance of electric vehicles, and other topics have been catalysts for regulatory decisions, and legislation introduction and passage. We also coordinate our clients’ technical strategy and positioning within state regulatory frameworks.

Our offices in Sacramento, CA and Austin, TX put staff close to government in two states that are most active in energy and carbon reduction programs. We have full-time staff dedicated to legislative and regulatory outreach and education.

Frontier Energy staff are currently engaged in the following codes and standards activities:

  • Energy Efficiency
    • Development of energy efficiency codes for commercial and residential buildings, including Title 24
    • Incorporation of sustainability and energy efficiency measures Code education for contractors, inspectors, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction
    • Code compliance review and analysis
    • Green standards development for municipalities
    • Green code language development for municipalities and utilities
  • Equipment
    • Compliance evaluation and testing
    • Code recommendations for new equipment categories
  • Transportation
    • Development of codes and standards for fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen
    • Code education for inspectors and AHJs

Autonomous self-driving vehicles and Smart Cities are the latest in a long line of technologies that Frontier Energy has helped to bring to the commercial market. We’re helping cities, MPOs, and councils of government around the country formulate their action plans for the introduction of AV pilot projects.

Frontier helps integrate data, power and people to realize the potential of the next-generation grid that includes distributed generation, smart meters, smart appliances, smart customers and smart strategies. In a recent project, we supported a collaboration of utilities, equipment vendors, research institutions and others to better understand the effect of residential rooftop solar and car charging on the electric distribution system.