Great people with big ideas work at Frontier Energy. We move innovation into action.

Frontier Energy staff image collage

About Us

We’re working to combat global climate change. We use our skills, knowledge, relationships, and creative thinking to help save energy, decarbonize energy systems, and increase vehicle electrification. We believe in the personal touch. No bureaucratic sinkholes. No information silos. No dime-a-dozen ideas or inflexible molds. Just personal service from a team of people who are dedicated to making a difference.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Frontier, our vision includes “employ exceptional people and foster a culture of collaboration.” That means we hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we create an environment that enables everyone to bring their true selves to work every day. As an equal opportunity employer, we make sure that our offices can be everyone’s office. That employees, partners, and suppliers can try new things, speak openly, and be bold. The more we connect with each other, the greater change we can make.

At Frontier, our staff are core of all that we do, and the unique talents and strengths of our team members drive our success. We seek to engage and empower people from differing backgrounds to bring together diverse perspectives that are crucial to delivering innovative solutions to complex challenges. We strive to create and sustain a culture in which all people feel included, valued, and respected in a productive environment. Creating an inclusive workplace is imperative to us—not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it is the crux of who we are.

How We Make an Impact

Steve Wiese, Frontier Energy
Steve Wiese

“We administer five low-income programs in Texas and in New Mexico and the bulk of our outreach efforts are driven by agency and non-profit allies who refer individual customers. When we launch a new program or target a new area, we look for established local partners—community-based organizations like churches, libraries, and family service agencies—and then conduct much of our program enrollment through them. We help people save energy and money on their utility bills largely because we put time, effort and value into cultivating and sustaining these relationships.”

Kristen Heinemeier, Frontier Energy
Kristen Heinemeier

“We’re working with manufacturers, contractors, and homeowners to close the gap between what the code requires for HVAC and what is actually installed. I’m passionate about education and training—workforce development—to increase the number of contractors that sell, install, and maintain advanced energy efficient HVAC.” Read Kristen’s blog.

Tanuj Gulati, Frontier Energy
Tanuj Gulati

“In Minnesota, our focus is on multifamily, commercial, and industrial. Our staff interact with about 1,300 commercial and industrial customers a month that range from churches and offices to small businesses like muffler shops and bakeries to huge manufacturing plants. It’s a great job; we get to travel all over North America, see how businesses make things and contribute to the economy, and help them save money by reducing their energy use.”

Nancy Barba
Nancy Barba

“During ARRA funding in 2009, I helped implement, administer, and secure $30 million in funding for home upgrade programs that had lasting impacts and shaped the way I design programs today. As I talk with clients about “shovel-ready” programs should federal funding become available in 2021/22, I’ve been sharing four lessons I learned from my ARRA projects.” Read Nancy’s blog.

Dan Robb, Frontier Energy
Dan Robb

“I perform monitoring and verification for complex distributed energy resources (DERs) across the U.S. Some DERs, like photovoltaic panels and battery storage systems, have no moving parts and operate in silence. You can stand next to one and have no idea if it’s working well—or working at all. Others, like offshore wind farms or fuel cells located on the roof of a high rise, are in places that makes visual verification nearly impossible. Companies and utilities want to make sure the DER are working at peak efficiency and that the energy production, emissions reductions, and provided grid support are correctly credited so they can be monetized.” Read Dan’s blog.

Richard Young, Frontier Energy
Richard Young

“Now, more than ever, restaurants need to find ways to reduce energy costs. Every restaurant can significantly reduce their utility bills by using energy and water efficient appliances. My team and I test and model efficiency of commercial foodservice equipment, and then work with utilities and the restaurant industry to get this equipment into the kitchen!” Read about the first ZNE McDonald’s that Frontier helped to design.

Perks & Benefits

Frontier Energy fosters a collaborative and safe work environment and offers a suite of benefits to support employee well-being and career development.

Competitive health packages that keep you healthy. Medical, dental, vision, and health savings accounts.
Retirement options to invest in your life after work. Including a company match along with providing a third-party retirement planning partner to assist with strategizing for your future.
An Employee Assistance Program that provides free confidential counseling, legal advice and more.
Ways to maintain your life-work balance. Paid holidays and vacation days, flexible working schedules, and remote work options.
Rewards for hard work, including a corporate bonus plan and royalty sharing for inventions.
Managing your money with flexible spending accounts for dependent care, health care, and college savings.