Commercial and Industrial


Compressed Air Leak Study

In many industrial facilities, air compressors use more electricity than any other type of equipment. Pressurizing air for compressed air tools, sand blasting, painting, and other industrial processes can be a significant use of electricity. Leaks in the pipes, fittings, or valves waste energy and significantly increase costs—often wasting as much as 20–30% of a compressor’s output. A compressed air leak study evaluates your whole system to improve systemwide performance.

Our expert technicians measure air pressure with data loggers and ultrasonic tools to pinpoint leaks, estimate their size, and calculate air and energy waste. We give you a complete report that includes recommendations for making your system more efficient and rebates for which you might be eligible. Some utilities cover a portion of the study cost.

End-Use Energy Analysis

Energy end-use analysis photo

An end-use analysis is a detailed tracking and evaluation of the flow of electricity, natural gas, and other fuels to lighting and equipment like space heating and cooling, water heating, pumps, and processing and manufacturing equipment. Our expert technicians document the amount of energy flowing into your plant and the efficiency of the equipment. You’ll receive recommendations for equipment and processes that you can upgrade or improve along with incentives and rebates that may be available from the utilities or government agencies. With our analysis, you can improve your overall energy use, instead of wasting energy (and money) on inefficient equipment.

Utility Sales Tax Exemption Study

Many businesses are eligible for sales tax exemptions for energy and water that is directly used for manufacturing processes and other specific purposes. To understand if your business is eligible for a sales tax exemption, Frontier Energy conducts a Predominant Use Study. We collect and analyze data from each meter and piece of equipment to determine which uses qualify for federal, state, or local sales tax exemptions—which could save your company thousands of tax dollars per year. When we find the credits, we help you file the paperwork and can help you obtain refunds or credits for taxes paid in previous years.

Maintaining sales tax exemption status requires a new predominant use study every few years. The frequency changes from state to state and region to region. Our experts know the schedule and will keep your business up to date.

Steam Trap Study

A steam trap is a mechanical valve that separates condensate from steam for a return trip to the boiler. Many steam traps underperform by plugging or sticking, not allowing for efficient separation of water from steam. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, “Making steam systems more efficient…could reduce annual plant energy costs by several billion dollars, and environmental emissions by millions of metric tons.” The Department estimates that plants with optimized steam traps can reduce energy costs by 10% to 15%.

In a steam strap study, our technician uses certified thermography and ultrasound to find plugged or leaking steam traps. Using sophisticated infrared imaging, we measure and compare pipe temperatures upstream and downstream from the traps. You’ll receive a detailed report about the efficiency of your system with specific recommendations that can immediately reduce your utility costs.