Frontier Energy provides exceptional services,

programs, and tools that encourage the intelligent use of energy to preserve resources for current and future generations.

Program Design, Implementation & Evaluation

Freddy inspects heat pump

We were a young company with new ideas during the first energy crisis in the early 1980s. Now those ideas are groundbreaking programs that help our clients expand opportunities and continually improve evaluation methods. Frontier has 35 years of experience working with investor owned and municipal utilities, and community choice energy aggregations at every stage of the program lifecycle. We bring a big-picture perspective and customer-oriented team to help utilities innovate with confidence.

Data Collection & Analysis

Data collection and analysis

Frontier Energy developed and operates the NYSERDA Distributed Energy Resources Integrated Data System website that presents hourly performance data for more than 200 CHPCombined Heat and Power, ADGAnaerobic Digester Gas, photovoltaic/solar and other renewable projects. We run similar web sites for more than 60 CHP systems in Massachusetts and for Doosan’s global fleet of 90 fuel cells.

SOSS collects data from hydrogen stations around the world and stores it in a secure cloud. We push the data out to subscribing applications, including the Hydrogen Station Map we created and run for the California Fuel Cell Partnership.

Commercializing New Technology

Honda Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle and hydrogen fueling station

For nearly 40 years, Frontier Energy has focused on the evolution of electric power and transportation systems. We work with industry and government to launch and grow markets for hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles, low-carbon and renewable power plants, combined heat and power, energy storage, efficient lighting, HVACHeating, ventilation and air conditioning, and commercial foodservice equipment. Our clients value our approach that integrates technology, economics, and customer acceptance to move new ideas from laboratory to living room.

Energy Modeling & Performance Optimization

Nishi Gateway Innovation Center

We help developers, institutions, planners and others assess the potential for achieving energy savings from a single CHP system to community-wide ZNE. Our models and tools explore “what if” scenarios to optimize the mix of efficiency and renewable generation for single and multifamily buildings, and common areas such as community centers, street and parking lot lighting, and swimming pools.

Once systems are installed in buildings, we collect detailed, field-monitored data and quickly analyze the data quantify performance. We are experts at distilling large data sets into useful information that clients can access through web pages that often include project-specific tables and graphics with high-level calculations that summarize equipment efficiencies, economics, or greenhouse gas savings.

Engineering & Economic Evaluations

Frontier Energy plan with Liberty Communities on Liberty’s infrastructure, site plan layout, building and roof designs, landscaping, and drainage to reduce energy and water demands and maximize onsite energy generation from renewable sources.

Frontier Energy has completed hundreds of consulting projects for residential and commercial buildings, food service, power utility, government agency, and transportation clients. Our familiarity with emerging technologies and alternative solutions, and our expertise in water, energy and transportation provides our clients with depth and breadth of knowledge. Our feasibility studies provide clients with an objective view of project risks, sensitivities, cash outlays, and anticipated results. We assess the economic and technical potential by incorporating ambient conditions, equipment performance and reliability, impacts on water use and emissions, and project finance.

Cloud-based Software

cloud-based software

For 30 years, Frontier Energy has been working with governments, utilities, and industries on data analytics, custom software solutions, and energy modeling. We wrote our first web app when the web was brand new. Now we’re in the cloud with software and web programs for energy efficiency and advanced transportation. Our projects combine a wealth of experience with the nimbleness of a tech start-up, and with our well-earned reputation for customer support.

Learn more about our Program Portfolio Portal and Deemed Savings Engine at

Outreach, Training & Engagement

Commercial foodservice seminar training

From social media to legislative outreach, Frontier Energy covers all aspects of customer and trade ally engagement. Our marketing and communication professionals conduct market research, develop strategic plans, and implement marketing and outreach campaigns.

Our education and training is unsurpassed. Frontier Energy provides interactive e-learningcurriculum development, and webinars and seminars about a variety of energy, food service, and transportation topics to stakeholders, trade allies, and end users.

What we do for our clients

  • Design, implement, and manage programs for single family, multifamily, and commercial buildings—and market those programs
  • Pick up the phone when you call and answer your emails
  • Respect the data, but explore context
  • Harness today’s opportunities to help you be ready for tomorrow
  • Take risks so you don’t have to

What we do for our clients’ customers

  • Help them save (or make) money
  • Help them be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Answer their questions—truthfully and correctly
  • Show them resources they didn’t know existed
  • Understand the landscape of their community
  • Give them confidence and satisfaction in a job done quickly