Frontier Energy provides exceptional services,

programs, and tools that encourage the intelligent use of energy to preserve resources for current and future generations.


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For more than 30 years, Frontier Energy has designed, implemented, and administered successful efficiency and conservation programs for utilities, CCAs, rural electric coops, and regional energy networks. Our big-picture perspective and customer-oriented team brings proven methods, streamlined administration, and a deep knowledge of underserved markets to help clients innovate and improve their energy efficiency programs.


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Frontier Energy has decades of experience in solving complex challenges with new technologies for buildings, communities, distributed energy, storage, and vehicles. We help developers, institutions, manufacturers, utilities, and governments assess the potential of promising technologies, implement pilot programs to collect and analyze data, explore “what if” scenarios to optimize performance, and quickly analyze the data to quantify performance. We are experts at distilling large data sets into useful information about equipment efficiencies, economics, or greenhouse gas savings.

Assessment and Evaluation

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By looking at how a system uses energy and water, Frontier Energy’s experts can identify actions, equipment, and technologies that can reduce costs. From a basic assessment to a rigorous engineering analysis, we are committed to delivering data-driven, financially sound recommendations. Frontier conducts energy assessments on behalf of utilities, government agencies, or individual buildings that range from a single system to an international deployment.


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Frontier Energy’s in-house experts completed hundreds of engineering and economic studies for transformative water, energy, and transportation technologies. Our evaluations assess the market readiness and barriers for government, utility, and industry clients. We offer an educated and objective view of the risks, sensitivities, cash outlays, and anticipated results by looking at the technology holistically—ambient operating conditions, equipment performance and reliability, impacts on water use and emissions, and project finance.


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From social media to legislative outreach to workforce development, Frontier Energy covers all aspects of customer, stakeholder, and trade ally engagement. Our team of professionals conduct market research, develop strategic plans, and implement effective marketing and outreach programs. Our in-person and online education and training programs are unsurpassed.

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