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Welcome to the Frontier Trust Center. Here you will find documentation related to Frontier Energy’s security and compliance practices surrounding Frontier’s consulting services and Enertrek cloud offerings. This includes any relevant attestations or certifications as well as content describing Frontier’s Security and Controls.

If you have any additional questions after reviewing the documentation, please contact .

All information provided in the Trust Center is considered confidential information and is covered by the NDA you signed prior to accessing the Trust Center. Do not disseminate this information to anyone without a direct need to know. When distributing this documentation, please ensure you do so through secure means. In addition, when downloading any information from this Trust Center, please ensure it is stored in a protected location. All information contained herein is subject to the NDA and not for public disclosure.

To access Frontier Energy compliance reports, please click here to execute Frontier’s Compliance Confidentiality Agreement.

SOC2 Type ii⟶
August 2022 – July 2023

SOC2 Type ii⟶
November 2021 – July 2022

SOC2 Type ii⟶
May 2021 – October 2021

SOC2 Type i⟶
As of November 15, 2020

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity⟶
As of October 4, 2021